Monday, July 25, 2011

Storyboard 1 - Pigeon Page 2

This is the second re-drawn panel of the Pigeon Project storyboard.

This isn't one of the scenes I actually had to animate, though I wanted it.

I decided to wait for everyone else to pick and get the scenes they wanted first, and I'd go last, seeing as there was only one scene I really didn't want to work with and I didn't really mind which ones I got besides that.

Of course that's one of the scenes I got.

Oh well, I know to be more ambitious next time.

In the actual animation we completed together, I found that this scene could have had a lot of great follow through on it, but it just wasn't there.

Probably due to the actual design of the Female Pigeon we went with.
I think the little 'hair' feathers in the front of this design lends a great sense of weight and movement to the character that wasn't there on the final design!

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