Sunday, October 30, 2011

Traditional Animation - Action Analysis

My final and favorite example of animation I have to post for the day.

This is a Traditionally animated piece, done completely in Twos, following a specific guild line of things to be animated/included, as well as an additional/ extra animated background object.

You can tell that I was going for a stylized took again, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome, as well as the look/weight the character has.

Flash And Traditional Animation - Melvin

Here are two more animations, both featuring the character: Melvin The Manshark.

((Due to the upload limitations of this blog, please view the video at the above mentioned link. Thank you.))

The first is a Traditional run and jump cycle, ((or skip and jump, in this characters case)), while the second is a Flash animation of a small dance done to song: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C & C Music Factory.

Both were animated on Ones, and the Flash piece also uses smears to keep in time with the music.

I love adding the extra little details to them as well, like the trailing stars present in both videos, after Melvin jumps.

I have to say that this character was a lot of fun to work with, and I enjoyed the end product of both of these videos.

Flash Animation - Nature Loops

I realize now that even though I'm offering skills in animation ((Among other artistic abilities, like story boarding and character building)) on my blog, I've yet to post any examples!

I had better fix that.

First of all, here are two Nature Animations, done in flash.

One is in the theme of water, the other in the theme of wind.

Both are very simple, featuring looping and non-looping elements.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating both of these pieces, and enjoy the colourful, stylized visuals even more.

25 Facial Expression Challenge

It`s been a bit since I`ve updated, but I never stop drawing.
I just start working on things that take me longer to finish now a days.

Here`s something I wanted to challenge myself with for a while, and that I was working on, bit by bit for a while.

Expressing 25 different facial expressions on a stable character.

Keeping the face in proportion is usually difficult, but I felt confident in this exercise, as I have draw the character enough to make sure the facial structure is consistent.

I had a lot of fun with this.

I`m very pleased with the results.