Friday, July 29, 2011

Filler Fan Art

Well, today was a busy day for me, and between finishing the layout of this blog, and helping my Mom pack up her belongs and move back in, I didn't have time to do any storyboards or character build work today.

I don't want to leave this day update-less, so here's some fan art character paintings I did awhile ago.

Scouts Mom, from Team Fortress 2,

And Frog from Chrono Trigger.

As you can tell, I like to try different styles. I hope to be back on schedule tomorrow.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Storyboard 3 - Workout!

Alrighty. Time to get back on track. I really enjoy working/drawing with animals, especially in a joke/humor sense. I also wanted to make sure that the shorter storyboards I've done are also easy to understand. So I've made these two pages into more of a 'comic' that my previous pieces/ It's certainly less serious than the others, that's for sure!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Feeling Inspired!

Thank you to all those who support me!

It get's my spirit up and ready to work.

Tomorrow is a new day, and there are lots of things I can work on to move towards my goals.

You'll be seeing more work from me soon!

Symbol Build 1 - Continuum

More practice of a different variety.

This time I'm working a little on a flash symbol build of a superhero character.

I'm not very far in, but this is a only a few hours work, and I think it's important to keep track of my progress on it, and what better way to keep myself on track, huh?

You can see in the different screen shots where I've stopped, and what areas I'm working on.

I'm almost completely finished the front view aside for the knees, you can see they aren't very blended yet.

As for the hands, I'll be adding those in at the very end, with various posses.

This next screen is a closer look at the two areas I've worked on. Focusing more on how I've tried to keep the volume of the character consistent, and less on the wonky legs in both of the 3/4 front and back views. Which I will be fixing!

I've been trying to keep line quality consistent as well.

This next screen shows that I know how to set up different expressions on the character model, (though I'm only showing one for now) which is probably my favorite part of the character building along with lip sync is in that same vein of designing and animating.

Last but not least however, is this little screen here. Showing that I still have a few things to work out before this hero would ever be show worthy.

But that's what all this is for! Practice makes perfect
Time to fix those pits!

Storyboard 3 - Internet Cat Page 1 And 2

Here's another bit of practice.

Back to digital media this time.

I really enjoyed working on this one, as it's a bit more silly than the previous two. I also enjoy the style more so with this piece. I've decided it's a good idea to practice making this with different styles and techniques, as you never know which one would be best for a possible job. So I decided to go with a more cartoon style.

I don't know if I'd consider this my 'main' style or not, but it's one of my favorites, because it allows me to exaggerate parts of peoples faces and bodies to make more solid characters. This time around I decided to leave the 'under-layer' lines of my original sketch, so I can show the difference between the sketch and the final lines.
I think it makes an interesting contrast.

Storyboard 2 - Denny's Desk Page 1 And 2

More Practice!

This time in traditional media!

This 2 pieces have the most dialog out of the ones I've completed so far.
It's a noticeable step up from my previous two, which had no dialogue at all.

So I though it would be good to focus less on body proportion (but not forget it entirely!) and focus more on matching facial expression and body language to what's being said.

I think I've managed to match the character's dialogue, body language and facial expressions quite well.
I often draw a lot of 'crazy' angry faces. Maybe I should though, that was my favorite panel/expression!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Storyboard 1 - Pigeon Page 2

This is the second re-drawn panel of the Pigeon Project storyboard.

This isn't one of the scenes I actually had to animate, though I wanted it.

I decided to wait for everyone else to pick and get the scenes they wanted first, and I'd go last, seeing as there was only one scene I really didn't want to work with and I didn't really mind which ones I got besides that.

Of course that's one of the scenes I got.

Oh well, I know to be more ambitious next time.

In the actual animation we completed together, I found that this scene could have had a lot of great follow through on it, but it just wasn't there.

Probably due to the actual design of the Female Pigeon we went with.
I think the little 'hair' feathers in the front of this design lends a great sense of weight and movement to the character that wasn't there on the final design!

Storyboard 1 - Pigeon Page 1

Alrighty, if I want to get all practiced up in story boarding, I'm going to need to start drawing some. So I decided a good place to start is a place I've been before.

My 2nd year end of term project in the NSCC revolved around Pigeons in a computer animated film.
So I decided to redraw a few of the scenes in my own style.
Most of our story boarding was put together from separate concepts, so not a lot of it had a polished look to it, so I wanted to have the lines look very clean this time around.

Along with the thicker lines, I'm also using the concepts for two of the characters I submitted, the Male and Female Pigeon,