Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Storyboard 4- Valentine's Day

Okay, so I`m a bit more on track now.

This piece here is a reworked version of a short story I submitted to our 3D Animation class during my second year at the NSCC.

I`m only putting up 3 (redone) pages, but in the original pitch, it was a story of a girl who wishes she had a boyfriend to share Valentine`s Day with. Overhearing her wish, her pet cat goes out overnight to find her the perfect gift to show that he cares and to cheer her up. The girl opens the gift thinking it must be from a secret admirer, only to find it full of things only cats could like!

You know, mice and birds, all that fun stuff.

Anyways, in the end, my story didn`t get picked, and we ended up going with the Pigeon Project instead.

You can see some of the storyboards I re-did for that near the bottom of the page.
My first uploads even!

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